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Last day here!


Day 14

Today we are going to turn back to Christchurch. We will take the train because the distance between Milford Sound and Christchurch is very big, 755 km.  In the afternoon we’ll fly back. So we need to take the train in the morning, we will travel three hours to the airport. We will arrive at night in Holland. Then we will also take the train to home! I can say that this was the most special and interesting holiday in my life. I hope I can do it ever again. And I hope you have used this information!


Travelled by plane and boat.


Day 13

Today we flew from Queenstown to Milford sound. The flight was really cool, I saw many different landscapes and I think it’s impossible how to imagine it for a person who didn’t have been there. I really liked it there, the sound was Beautiful. We did a cruise there over the water, and we saw all the different colours of the water and the mountains and rocks. The sound is about 16 km long, so it’s quite big. I don’t know how to describe, but the mountains, the rocks, the water… it was so perfect! So perfect that I didn’t know if it was a fairy tale or it was true. It was a great day! Bye!

A beautiful ending of my stay in Queenstown.


Day 12

Hello everyone, today was my last day in Queenstown. It was a really nice day and I did a lot of fun things!

For the first time in my life, I went horse riding, I’ve heard that was beautiful and a big adventure. Because I didn’t have any experience with horses and horse riding, I took some lessons first. After that I did a special ‘tour’: The River Wild. We went out with a group for 2 hours. Riding along the sea, mountains, trough the woods… it was very wonderful.

I went golfing after I had some lunch at the hotel. I had no golf experience so I decided to take lessons for 2 hours and after that 1 hour free golfing. It was a really nice course because you had a beautiful vieuw from there, but it was still very difficult.  And the weather was very nice, the sun was shinning and I had no rain today.

In the evening I went swimming in the Alpine Aqualand. I relaxed and then I went back to my hotel. I had a nice warm shower and watched some TV. I went to bed early so I wouldn’t be very tired. I think that was a beautiful ending of my holiday in Queenstown. Tomorrow I am going to fly to Milford Sound, it will be wonderful! I will tell you all about. Bye!

It was late a night.


Day 11

 Hello! I had a really good sleep last night! It was probably because I was really tired of yesterday. It was a very effort day.

Today I did something so awesome! I went on a jet boat! It was a ride through dramatic and narrow canyons, and full 360° spins. In the beginning I was very scared but after that it was so awesome! Really a fantastic thing to do when youre in Queenstown. Here is a link that shows exactly what it is like:

 In the evening I went to a nightclub. They had live music, DJs and great drink specials. I think I had to much drinks because a guy brought me to my hotel because I was drunk. Sadly the guy was gone in a second, he was really nice. Tomorrow is my last day here in Queenstown. I hope it is going to be nice. Bye!

A day of adventure and relax.


Day 10

Hello everyone, yesterday I have been to Christchurch. It was really nice there.

Today I have been to Queenstown.                                                                                                                                                                                          

I have a really nice room in a 5 stars hotel. The first thing I did today was the Spa & Wine Experience.

It was a treatment that made me feel rested and reborn. It was a lovely experience followed by a full body massage.
After my spa treatment I was picked up by the Queenstown Wine Trail for a wonderful wine tour.
The tour included tasting at two wineries, a winery lunch, an underground wine cave tour and a visit to a cheesery. It was a really nice start of the day.

The second part of the day I did something amazing! I went skydiving at 12,000 feet high! It was very scary but it was worth it! Tonight I think I am just going to relax a bit and I will see what I am going to do tomorrow, there are so many things to do.. Well, see you tomorrow. Bye!

I’ve seen special things today.


Day 9

Hello, today I arrived in Christchurch. It was 10:00 am when I arrived. I went to the biggest park of Christchurch, I went to Hagley Park. I had taken a walk through the park. It was beautiful. The park is the heart of the city and it has 165 hectare ground. You can also sport in the park. Then I went to the Air Force World Museum. It was nice to saw the aeroplane changing in the years. It was very interesting. Then I went to the Hay’s restaurant. It was a very good restaurant. In this restaurant students can learn cooking and they can make their first step to work. It is a very special restaurant, because not all restaurants in the world have students as a cook. Then I went to my hotel. I am now also at the hotel. It is a great hotel, you have a good bed, bathroom and living room. Also the restaurant is nice and the food is delicious. The name of the hotel is The George Christchurch. But I am going to sleep now, because tomorrow I go to Queenstown. And I will stay there for 3 days. Bye!,r:1,s:0