A day to discover Waiheke Island.


Day 4

Hello everyone, yesterday and the days before I have been telling you about Auckland.Today I have been to Waiheke Island. First I will tell you about Waiheke Island itself and then I will tell you what I have been doing there.

 Waiheke Island is an island in the Hauraki Gulf of New Zealand. It is about 17.7 km from Auckland.The island is the second-largest in the Hauraki Gulf after Great Barrier Island. It is the most populated, it has nearly 8,000 permanent residents plus another 3,400 who have a second house or a holiday house on the island. Waiheke Island is New Zealand’s most densely populated after the North and South Island. The island is the most easiest to get to, because there are lots of passenger and car ferry services.

 The first part of the day I hired a bike. I biked over to this beach and took a little water break underneath a tree. In the end I cut across the traditional loop they had for bike riders. After I came back from the bike loop, I went to the Connells Bay Sculpture Park. In the park were all sort of sculptures. I looked at these beautiful artworks in a guided walk. After the walk I brought my lunch and used the tables outside the gallery. I thought it was really informative.I really enjoyded the park, after that I went to the most great places around Waiheke and the Gulf for half a day! I went fishing and I caught 3 really big fishes. It was a wonderfull experience.


I would love to do a scenic flight to buzz around Waihake Island, but sadly I didn’t have any time to do that.

Well, I had a wonderfull day and I am looking forward to tomorrow. Then I am going to Rotorua. See you tomorrow, bye!






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