A optional extra to visit.










 Ready Steady Cook Waiheke Style at the Goldie Room

Waiheke Style is an event that will show the best of local food and talent. Local winemakers, celebrities and chefs will compete to create the best meals they can (as judged by the audience) with locally sourced and seasonal ingredients in under 30 minutes.

Local personalities John Hawkesby and Denise Roche will be battling out to win audience approval! John Hawkesby is a wine critic, columnist and supporter of all things Waiheke. Denise Roche is a newly elected Green MP and long time advocate for the environment.

In the second challenge two leading Waiheke chef’s  will face off to make not one, but two meals.

Hertz Sevens:

Every year in Wellington, the “Hertz Sevens” are hold, it is a big sport event, it is all about rugby. During the event, there is a lot of entertainment for the public.  The event is during three weeks. In this video you can see how the players prepare themself for a game. The games are often very hard, and sometimes it is dangerous. But it is a nice thing to visit when you are in New Zealand/Wellington!

                                        video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0BGKumn_LA&feature=relmfu





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