A nice visit to the zoo in Wellington.


Day 6

 This was my first day in Wellington and I have chosen a very nice thing , I was going to a big zoo in Wellington, “Wellington Zoo.” They have more than 500 animals from all over the world.  An animal hospital is newly opened, and it was very nice to visit and to see how the people help all the animals. Also we wanted to go to the animal show, at 1.40 pm. They showed many wild animals! The price for us, for students, is 12 Euros per person, not very expensive.

 And after the visit on the zoo, I was hungry, I went to the sushi restaurant St. Pierre’s Sushi, it is also in Wellington and not so far from the zoo. (look at the map under) The sushi was so good! This restaurant was really a must!

 At the evening I turned back to my hotel for this night, called Rydges Wellington. It’s a very luxury hotel, with a wonderful swimming pool, a bar, nice rooms and a beautiful street view. The price isn’t very low but it is so nice. I see you tomorrow!




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