A wonderful day with a special cruise.


Day 7

Today I have taken the first boat in the morning who makes a little cruise. The boats are sailing twice a day and we wanted to do another thing in the afternoon.  There was a high chance to see kiwi’s (New Zealand is the country of kiwi’s) and I have seen them! Very beautiful there.

                                     In the afternoon I went to  “the dowse art museum.”It’s a museum with a lot of beautiful paintings and they had a wonderful big restaurant. I ate there my lunch. The museum is nearly by my hotel so I don’t had to have transport. That is a big benefit. 

At the evening I ate in a very chic restaurant, called Maginnity’s restaurant, it is settled in a hotel but the food was also very nice and chic. Also the service was very good. Absolutely a tip!


http://www.wellingtonnz.com/sights_activities/bluebridge_cook_strait_ferry http://www.wellingtonnz.com/accommodation/rydges_wellington



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