Fly above a crater of a volcano.


Day 5

I was in Rotorua  today. There are lots of things to do! You can go with a mountain Biking, you can do Maori culture, it’s a fantastic place in which to experience nature at its best. You have 16 stunning lakes that also offer cruising, swimming, waterskiing, kayaking and fishing galore. There are kids’ playgrounds and beaches. You can drive from Rotorua’s city centre to
the lakes. It’s really easy and there is enough room for everybody. What I also did was a  flight with a helicopter. 

I flew into the crater of a dormant volcano. That was so cool! You saw the crater of the volcano and it was really impressive. Of all things I did today, this was the most fun! You can also land and explore New Zealand’s only active marine volcano or escape to back country bush, hiking in forest and streams, hunting or fly fishing. I don’t know what I am going to do tomorrow, but I will tell you about in the evening when I am back. Bye!


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