A beautiful ending of my stay in Queenstown.


Day 12

Hello everyone, today was my last day in Queenstown. It was a really nice day and I did a lot of fun things!

For the first time in my life, I went horse riding, I’ve heard that was beautiful and a big adventure. Because I didn’t have any experience with horses and horse riding, I took some lessons first. After that I did a special ‘tour’: The River Wild. We went out with a group for 2 hours. Riding along the sea, mountains, trough the woods… it was very wonderful.

I went golfing after I had some lunch at the hotel. I had no golf experience so I decided to take lessons for 2 hours and after that 1 hour free golfing. It was a really nice course because you had a beautiful vieuw from there, but it was still very difficult.  And the weather was very nice, the sun was shinning and I had no rain today.

In the evening I went swimming in the Alpine Aqualand. I relaxed and then I went back to my hotel. I had a nice warm shower and watched some TV. I went to bed early so I wouldn’t be very tired. I think that was a beautiful ending of my holiday in Queenstown. Tomorrow I am going to fly to Milford Sound, it will be wonderful! I will tell you all about. Bye!



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