From Wellington to Picton.


Day 8

Today was a great day! I went from Wellington to Picton, so we had to go through a sound. First we drove do the coast of Wellington, and then I went with a ferry to Picton. It was quite cool, because I didn’t have to drive a long time, cause most time I went with the ferry.
I saw the sea for a long time (it was the Tasman sea, but I sailed through the Queen Charlotte Sound) and it was so cool. I really liked it, because it’s so blue that you can’t understand how it’s possible! The wide blue ocean, how is it possible to be that blue and that beautiful. I also saw dolphins, but I was the only one who saw them so the other ones didn’t believe it were dolphins, but I’m pretty sure about that.

Well, when I was in Picton then, and I was really tired  so I went straight to the hotel and went to bed.

I tell you tomorrow about the things I am going to do. Bye!






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