I’ve seen special things today.


Day 9

Hello, today I arrived in Christchurch. It was 10:00 am when I arrived. I went to the biggest park of Christchurch, I went to Hagley Park. I had taken a walk through the park. It was beautiful. The park is the heart of the city and it has 165 hectare ground. You can also sport in the park. Then I went to the Air Force World Museum. It was nice to saw the aeroplane changing in the years. It was very interesting. Then I went to the Hay’s restaurant. It was a very good restaurant. In this restaurant students can learn cooking and they can make their first step to work. It is a very special restaurant, because not all restaurants in the world have students as a cook. Then I went to my hotel. I am now also at the hotel. It is a great hotel, you have a good bed, bathroom and living room. Also the restaurant is nice and the food is delicious. The name of the hotel is The George Christchurch. But I am going to sleep now, because tomorrow I go to Queenstown. And I will stay there for 3 days. Bye!








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