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A busy second day.


Day 2

Hello,  yesterday it was awesome!  First I went in the tour bus, it was very hot in here. But I liked it to see something of the city. Afterwards I went to the marine. I had caught a big fish! I was so proud on myself. Because it was the first time that I went fishing. Then I went go diving. I saw beautiful fish in the sea. Then I went to the hotel and first I have eaten there. It was very good.  Then I went swimming and I have gone to a wellness. So if I was you I will go to the Stamford Plaza hotel, because  it is a great hotel! Today I am going to the Big Day Out 2012. It is a party for everyone and the play all kind of music. It is also the biggest festival. There are also the best international singers. The festival is the hole day, but I am going at 10:00 pm. Because I am now going to the quad biking. We are going on a tour with the quad. Iwill see the history and culture of Auckland. But I must go now, bye.

And every day I will also post the links of things I have done, images and hotels.,r:1,s:0,r:8,s:0


My first day in New Zealand.


Hello everyone, I am going to New Zealand. And I will set everything of the journey on my blog. So you can look where I was.

Day 1

Hello everyone, today I arrived in New Zealand. I am now in Auckland. And today I am going to get first a tour bus and then I am going to the marine. I am going to hire a boat and then I will go fishing. I have heard that there are a lot of big fish here. And then I will go diving in the sea. I think when it is done it is already evening. So than I will go back to my hotel and I will eat there something. I have chosen  the hotel Stamford Plaza Auckland, because it is a good hotel they say. In the evening I will also go swimming in the hotel and I will go to the wellness. So that is my first day of my holyday. Tomorrow I will tell how it was.