From Wellington to Picton.


Day 8

Today was a great day! I went from Wellington to Picton, so we had to go through a sound. First we drove do the coast of Wellington, and then I went with a ferry to Picton. It was quite cool, because I didn’t have to drive a long time, cause most time I went with the ferry.
I saw the sea for a long time (it was the Tasman sea, but I sailed through the Queen Charlotte Sound) and it was so cool. I really liked it, because it’s so blue that you can’t understand how it’s possible! The wide blue ocean, how is it possible to be that blue and that beautiful. I also saw dolphins, but I was the only one who saw them so the other ones didn’t believe it were dolphins, but I’m pretty sure about that.

Well, when I was in Picton then, and I was really tired  so I went straight to the hotel and went to bed.

I tell you tomorrow about the things I am going to do. Bye!






A wonderful day with a special cruise.


Day 7

Today I have taken the first boat in the morning who makes a little cruise. The boats are sailing twice a day and we wanted to do another thing in the afternoon.  There was a high chance to see kiwi’s (New Zealand is the country of kiwi’s) and I have seen them! Very beautiful there.

                                     In the afternoon I went to  “the dowse art museum.”It’s a museum with a lot of beautiful paintings and they had a wonderful big restaurant. I ate there my lunch. The museum is nearly by my hotel so I don’t had to have transport. That is a big benefit. 

At the evening I ate in a very chic restaurant, called Maginnity’s restaurant, it is settled in a hotel but the food was also very nice and chic. Also the service was very good. Absolutely a tip!


A nice visit to the zoo in Wellington.


Day 6

 This was my first day in Wellington and I have chosen a very nice thing , I was going to a big zoo in Wellington, “Wellington Zoo.” They have more than 500 animals from all over the world.  An animal hospital is newly opened, and it was very nice to visit and to see how the people help all the animals. Also we wanted to go to the animal show, at 1.40 pm. They showed many wild animals! The price for us, for students, is 12 Euros per person, not very expensive.

 And after the visit on the zoo, I was hungry, I went to the sushi restaurant St. Pierre’s Sushi, it is also in Wellington and not so far from the zoo. (look at the map under) The sushi was so good! This restaurant was really a must!

 At the evening I turned back to my hotel for this night, called Rydges Wellington. It’s a very luxury hotel, with a wonderful swimming pool, a bar, nice rooms and a beautiful street view. The price isn’t very low but it is so nice. I see you tomorrow!

Fly above a crater of a volcano.


Day 5

I was in Rotorua  today. There are lots of things to do! You can go with a mountain Biking, you can do Maori culture, it’s a fantastic place in which to experience nature at its best. You have 16 stunning lakes that also offer cruising, swimming, waterskiing, kayaking and fishing galore. There are kids’ playgrounds and beaches. You can drive from Rotorua’s city centre to
the lakes. It’s really easy and there is enough room for everybody. What I also did was a  flight with a helicopter. 

I flew into the crater of a dormant volcano. That was so cool! You saw the crater of the volcano and it was really impressive. Of all things I did today, this was the most fun! You can also land and explore New Zealand’s only active marine volcano or escape to back country bush, hiking in forest and streams, hunting or fly fishing. I don’t know what I am going to do tomorrow, but I will tell you about in the evening when I am back. Bye!

A optional extra to visit.










 Ready Steady Cook Waiheke Style at the Goldie Room

Waiheke Style is an event that will show the best of local food and talent. Local winemakers, celebrities and chefs will compete to create the best meals they can (as judged by the audience) with locally sourced and seasonal ingredients in under 30 minutes.

Local personalities John Hawkesby and Denise Roche will be battling out to win audience approval! John Hawkesby is a wine critic, columnist and supporter of all things Waiheke. Denise Roche is a newly elected Green MP and long time advocate for the environment.

In the second challenge two leading Waiheke chef’s  will face off to make not one, but two meals.

Hertz Sevens:

Every year in Wellington, the “Hertz Sevens” are hold, it is a big sport event, it is all about rugby. During the event, there is a lot of entertainment for the public.  The event is during three weeks. In this video you can see how the players prepare themself for a game. The games are often very hard, and sometimes it is dangerous. But it is a nice thing to visit when you are in New Zealand/Wellington!




A day to discover Waiheke Island.


Day 4

Hello everyone, yesterday and the days before I have been telling you about Auckland.Today I have been to Waiheke Island. First I will tell you about Waiheke Island itself and then I will tell you what I have been doing there.

 Waiheke Island is an island in the Hauraki Gulf of New Zealand. It is about 17.7 km from Auckland.The island is the second-largest in the Hauraki Gulf after Great Barrier Island. It is the most populated, it has nearly 8,000 permanent residents plus another 3,400 who have a second house or a holiday house on the island. Waiheke Island is New Zealand’s most densely populated after the North and South Island. The island is the most easiest to get to, because there are lots of passenger and car ferry services.

 The first part of the day I hired a bike. I biked over to this beach and took a little water break underneath a tree. In the end I cut across the traditional loop they had for bike riders. After I came back from the bike loop, I went to the Connells Bay Sculpture Park. In the park were all sort of sculptures. I looked at these beautiful artworks in a guided walk. After the walk I brought my lunch and used the tables outside the gallery. I thought it was really informative.I really enjoyded the park, after that I went to the most great places around Waiheke and the Gulf for half a day! I went fishing and I caught 3 really big fishes. It was a wonderfull experience.


I would love to do a scenic flight to buzz around Waihake Island, but sadly I didn’t have any time to do that.

Well, I had a wonderfull day and I am looking forward to tomorrow. Then I am going to Rotorua. See you tomorrow, bye!

Continue my trip.


Day 3

Hello everyone, I have a hangover! I couldn’t better go to the festival. I have really headache. But the festival was awesome!!! But I must continue my trip. So today I am going to shopping and then I will go to Waiheke Island. So today I am going to Newmarket. There are great and beautiful shops there. There is also a lot of glitz and glamour. The clothes in Newmarket are from top designers. You can first class shopping there and there is also a high street shopping. There is also delicious food and if you have a busy night life. Than is Newmarket  something for you.  But I am not going to eating there, because I am going to the Viaduct Harbour. The say it is great there! Because you have a beautiful view on the water. And you take a boat to see a part of the Viaduct. And then I will go to the hotel and I will pack my bays and I will go to Waiheke Island. Tomorrow I will write you from Waiheke Island, bye.